Hi, my name is

Sreekesh Iyer

Software Developer, Content Writer

I'm a Software Engineer specialising in Web Development and DevOps. I enjoy learning about different new aspects of technology every day.

About Me

Hello there! I am Sreekesh Iyer. My work and expertise revolve around technology. I am a Software Engineer by profession, but I'm also a Technical Writer, a Podcaster and a Community Manager purely from interest and curiosity.

As much as I love tech, I love tech communities too. Nothing compares to the energy I feel during meetups and conferences when I meet people. You can follow what I learn on my journey via my blog. I am currently working for JP Morgan Chase & Co. as a Software Engineer.

Here are some of the technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Next.js
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Supabase
  • Terraform
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Work Experience

Freelance Backend Developer @ Placement International

March 2023 - May 2023

Creating a REST API that makes use of OpenAI's API and Amazon Textract to extract useful information from Resumes.

Removed dependency on third-party API that costed ~7000€ per year, to a first party solution on AWS cloud that now only costs 600€ per year.

My Work

Featured Project

SKAN: Resume Parser

A Resume Parser Service that is capable of parsing upto 100 resumes at a time along with options to store it for further use, providing information like contact details, education, work experience, skills and achievements, etc.






Featured Project


An OpenAI-powered website that generates introductions and bios for various platforms.




Featured Project


A web-application which brings the best learning content that is available on YouTube. It aims at creating an ecosystem for students and budding developers, providing them the best content without involving the YouTube algorithm.



YouTube Data API v3

Get In Touch

I offer 1:1 mentorship services on Topmate. I can help you with tech and tech careers.

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If you want to approach me for a part-time freelance opportunity, feel free to contact via email. You can expect a reply within 2 days.

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